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The Circle of Wellness

Wellness is a concept that includes health and illness, life and death, construction and destruction, yin and yang, feeling good and feeling bad.
Understanding the facets of health and how they relate to Physical, Chemical, and Emotional health is a key part of the Circle of Wellness system. Helping you fine-tune or create your own Circle of Wellness strategy is our primary goal.

About Dr. Dan Lavanga

Dr. Dan Lavanga Graduated from Sherman Chiropractic College, Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1986. He has practiced in Southampton, Pennsylvania since 1987 and has studied extensively in multiple natural health sciences and techniques.
His Chiropractic team focuses on family practice specializing in low force advanced muscle therapy, sports and extremity treatment as well as being highly skilled in various manual adjustment, mobilization, and  manipulation techniques. Lavanga Chiropractic practitioners also utilize the “Arthrostimulator” a handheld device that delivers corrective adjustments without pain or manipulation.

Interview with Dr. Dan Lavanga

Dr. Dan is known as the Doctor’s Doctor as many physicians’ come to him to get their health in alignment. His personal practice focuses on highly accomplished and high stress businessmen and women, and entrepreneurs and includes Chiropractic, nutrition, massage, Life and Business coaching and consulting.

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